About Sportpal

Sportpal is a social network where people can review all sport products as well as share sport tips with others in an easy and convenient way. On the other hand, thanks to Sportpal, the businesses can comprehend their customers's demands and desires directly, which helps them to improve their products and services for the sake of an optimized business outcome.

We - the members of Executive Board of Sportpal, have had many years of studying and working with such hot global technologies as Cloud Computing, Open Source and Remote Collaboration. We strongly believe that our application of these advanced technologies will help Sportpal become a popular global social network in the near future.

Core values of Sportpal

Customers' benefits are our first priority

  • - Sportpal serves as a social network for everyone and its content is provided by users.
  • - Sportpal assists people to find out the best sport products and tips thanks to its diversified and reliable content provided by users.
  • - Sportpal provide people the preeminent features of social networking to make easy for human connection and information communicating.

Assist businesses

  • - Thanks to the user's reviews, enterprises can comprehend customers' demands and desires in the most direct and effective way.
  • - We - Sportpal will process and analyse information and reviews from users to help enterprises improve their products and services in the interest of profit optimization.

Become a popular global social network

  • - Sportpal aims to becoming a popular social network in the Consumer Information Industry.
  • - We will apply the most advanced technologies such as Cloud Computing, Open source and remote collaboration as well as focus on modern features of social networking to assist the connection among customers, or between customers and businesses. Therefore, customers, as Sportpal members, can easily share their experience and tips with one another, leading to the best options for all.
  • - We also target at building up an organization with low cost, rapid growth and great capacity of large- scale expansion.

We hope you enjoy your time with Sportpal!

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