Are you looking for a gym accessory that helps you specifically targets belly fat and love handles around the waistline?

Would you like to feel more confident after even the lightest workout and get tighter ab muscles faster; while stimulating your overall metabolism?

If so, the Slim Belt is a perfect choice for you!

Manufactured with 100% latex-free thermal neoprene with a nylon external facing; the belt features a contour design that cushions, compresses and supports abdominal muscles and your lower back during workouts. It has a Velcro closure that makes it fully adjustable to fit any size waist up to 42î for both men and women.

The belt works by retaining remedial heat around the waistline to stimulate loss of excess water through sweating; thus faster fat burning and elimination of body toxins. You will lose more fat through any form of light or heavy workout; resulting in tighter muscles in your mid-section and little feeling of sore muscles afterwards.

You can safely hand wash the support belt with soap and water after each use.

The Slim Belt is a premium product with numerous benefits, including:

ï It is odorless and can safely be worn over or under gym gear.

ï Easily hand washable without stretching or losing shape.

ï Durable material and strong stitching; it will not easily get torn.

ï Provides support over areas above and below the waistline to improve body shape.

ï Targets stubborn belly fat and stimulates faster weight loss. Wouldnít you like a confidence boost after giving your ab muscles a nice workout and actually see the pounds dropping off your waist as you remove the Slim Belt?

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Manufacturer: Zen Junkie
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