The Powerful Hand Warmer (7800mAh Li-ion Built-in Batteries)

Designed To Provide Continual Warmth That Last!

   **Highest quality and most powerful 7800mAh lithium batteries (3) available for this product
   **6-10 hours duration time depending on setting used
   **108-120 degree Fahrenheit surface temperature
   **Aluminum shell for thermal conductivity

Designed To Provide Multiple Features/Functions

   **Doublesided Aluminum Hand Warmer with two temperature settings
   **Battery Pack Charger/Power Bank that charges most digital products, including mobile phones, MP3 players, digital
     cameras, etc.
   **LED Built-in Flashlight
   **Emergency SOS Flasher
   **Red and blue LED lights for heat setting and power status indicators

And Designed for Multiple Uses.....

This hand warmer is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, hunters, fishermen, runners,and spectators of sporting events. It's also ideal for outdoor workers such as construction and delivery personnel. People dealing with poor blood circulation find it particularly soothing! It's basically perfect for anyone whose hands get cold!

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