Trampoline Pro's trampoline mats are made of Permatron® and are designed for long-lasting use on your trampoline system in all kinds of weather conditions. We have used our many years of manufacturing experience to bring you the ultimate value from your trampoline replacement part purchase.
How To Measure
  1. Frame Size Measure the diameter of the frame from outside edge to outside edge of the metal frame.
  2. Mat Diameter From "sewn edge" to "sewn edge" of the original mat.
  3. Spring length From hook to hook when the spring is pulled off of our trampoline. Check to make sure no gaps are in-between the coils of the spring.
  4. Number of Rings.Count how many 'holes' you have on the frame of your trampoline.
  5. See Measurement picture on this listing for extra guidance.
  6. Video on how to measure properly:
After you have these measurements, you are ready to buy. If you have any questions send Trampoline Pro an Amazon message, and we can assist you, even if the size you end up needing is something we do not carry. If you have no further questions, feel free to buy now.
Manufacturer: Trampoline Pro
Size: 15ft
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